Insect Monitoring: Trapping & Monitoring for Smarter Pest Management

Before deploying any integrated pest management system, you must first gain a strong understanding of the population dynamics of the insects affecting your crops.
ISCA’s insect monitoring systems can help you assess insect activity and gain population estimates so you can deploy a solution that will be most effective at protecting your crops.

How Does Insect Monitoring Work?

Insect monitoring involves the use of traps and lures to get information on insect activity. Traps are strategically placed throughout the crop and include natural semiochemical attractants to draw insects into the traps. Effective monitoring can give you a wealth of information needed to select the most cost effective and productive solution.

Target the Right Insects

Learn exactly which species of insects are living among your crops.

Get Population Estimates

Gather information on population density and distribution.

Know When To Deploy Solutions

Understand what times in the season insects are most actively targeting your crops—and the effect the control measure had on the population.

Monitoring Products

High density, durable traps and lures for effective pest management.

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Durable paper or plastic insect traps are used with species-specific lures.


ISCA Lure uses pheromones or other natural attractants to lure a number of different insect species.

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