Attract & Kill: The Hybrid IPM Solution

Attract & Kill is a hybrid form of integrated pest management that combines the power of semiochemical attraction with the lethal effect of insecticides.

Unlike the blanket spraying of conventional pesticides, the Attract & Kill approach is very specific, targeting only the insect pests causing damage to crops.  This strategy brings the pest to the bait without touching the edible parts of the crop plants. This allows for highly effective crop protection with just small amounts insecticide that do contact our food and minimize the risk to the environment.

Why Choose Attract & Kill Over Conventional Pesticides?

Safety Toxins contact all food Toxins contact little to no food
Environmental Costs HIGH environmental costs LOW environmental costs
Approach Chasing after pests Making pests come to bait
Collateral Damage Kills beneficial insects (e.g., bees, ladybugs) Targets specific pests, little to no impact on beneficial insects
Residue Spray 100% of crop - high residue risk Contacts < 1% of crop - low to no residue risk
Efficacy Short field life, high risk of resistance Long field life, low risk of resistance

How Does Attract & Kill Work?

1. Product Application

“Dollops” (small & discrete points) of our semiochemical-based Attract & Kill formulations are applied to the crop.

2. Semiochemicals Are Released

Each dollop emits a naturally-occurring, semiochemical insect attractant to lure insect pests.

3. Insects Flock to the Bait

Because the solution uses naturally occurring insect attractants, pests are instinctively drawn to the solution.

4. Insects Ingest the Solution

A tiny amount of pesticide in the formula eradicates pests when they contact the solution.

5. Crops Are Protected

Insect populations are controlled efficiently and with only trace amounts of pesticide.

The ISCA Difference: Mechanized Application

As the foremost innovator in the field, ISCA manufactures the only mating disruption solutions in the market that can be applied
both manually and mechanically. This makes our SPLAT line of mating disruption products easier to use and less expensive
than all other conventional mating disruption products in the market that require manual application.


Ceratitis capitata

Fruit flies

Stink bug

Diamondback moth

Spodoptera frugiperda

Tuta absoluta

Drosophila suzukii

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