Mating Disruption: A Greener, More Efficient Way To Control Insect Populations

Traditionally, effective pest management required blanket-spraying of conventional pesticides.  Consumers and regulators now demand safer, pesticide-free produce.

Mating disruption is a proactive way to protect crops by preventing pests from reproducing in the first place. Our mating disruption products release synthetic versions of sex  pheromones that female insects emit in nature to attract males for mating. The over abundance of these pheromones in the field confuses males and they can’t find females for mating.  The result is the collapse of insect pest populations without a single drop of pesticide. Crop protection couldn’t be safer!

Why Choose Mating Disruption Over Traditional Pesticides?

Safety Poisonous & possibly toxic, human health concerns. Completely nontoxic; safe for humans, pets & environment
Residue Spray 100% of crop - high residue risk Contacts < 1% of crop - zero residue risk
Approach Reactive - chasing after pests Proactive - control pests before they become a problem
Collateral Damage Kills beneficial insects (e.g., bees, ladybugs) Species-specific – only affects target pests
Environmental Footprint Risk to soil & water systems Soil & water systems unaffected
Efficacy Short field life, high risk of resistance Long field life, no risk of resistance

How Does Mating Disruption Work?

1. SPLAT Application

“Dollops” (small & discrete points) of our pheromone-based SPLAT formulations are applied to the crop.

2. Pheromones Get to Work

Each SPLAT dollop emits precise amounts of sex pheromone required to shut down mating.

3. Mating Is Shut Down

Males are diverted away from females due to the powerful, inescapable allure of pheromone in each SPLAT dollop.

4. 24/7 Efficacy

Unlike females, SPLAT dollops emit high doses of pheromone 24/7. The constant mating suppression provides growers with excellent insect control.

5. Crops Are Protected

Disruption of mating means pests cannot reproduce, therefore populations collapse and crop damage is averted.

What Are Insect Sex Pheromones?

Pheromones are natural compounds that insects emit to communicate with each other. Applying pheromone-based mating disruption products to a field disrupts the ability of male and female insects to communicate, controlling populations in a completely non-lethal manner.

The ISCA Difference: Mechanized Application

ISCA manufactures mating disruption solutions that can be applied both manually and mechanically. This makes our SPLAT line of mating disruption products easier and less expensive to use.


Mechanical: Ground or Air

– Ground
– Air

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