Combining strengths creates synergy for the next generation of sustainable insect controls

The merger of three companies on three continents to form ISCA Global Inc. in late 2019 positioned ISCA to be a world leader for the next generation of insect control products—innovations that are eco-friendly and not prone to pest resistance.  Bringing ISCA Technologies, Inc. (U.S.), ISCA Tecnologias, Ltda. (Brazil), and ATGC Biotech (India) under one umbrella combined the strengths of all three to meet the needs for world agriculture today and tomorrow. Each subsidiary now benefits from 25 years of grant-supported research and development, expanding customer bases worldwide, and reliable supplies of pheromones and other essential active ingredients at greatly reduced costs.

Advancing sustainable agriculture across the globe

Our reach spans clients and partners across the globe who are dedicated to advancing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions for sustainable agriculture. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, contact the ISCA location closest to you.

ISCA Global Subsidiaries & Offices
  • ISCA Inc. and ISCA Technologies Inc.

    1230 W. Spring St.
    Riverside, California 92507, USA
    Tel: (951) 686-5008

  • ISCA Brazil

    ISCA Tecnologias Ltda
    BR 285, Km 461 – N 2.951
    Ijuí, RS, 98700-000, Brasil
    Phone: +55 55 33322326

ISCA Solutions
Integrated Pest Management for Sustainable Agriculture

Our Mating Disruption, Attract & Kill, Attractants, Repellents and Monitoring products are all effective, economical and environmentally-friendly.