Mating Disruption Control for Heliothis Moths

SPLAT Helio overstimulates male moths with a sex pheromone to disrupt the mating cycle, deterring males from mating with female moths. To provide the best results we recommend you monitor your populations of Heliothis spp. Use when populations are dense to help deter mating activity.

Pests Targeted

Scientific Name
Helicoverpa spp.

Common Names
Corn earworm and cotton bollworm

Pest Description

Heliothis genus moths include the devastating cotton bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera) and the corn earworm, (Helicoverpa zea). During their larval stage, they destroy foliage and buds, which greatly reduces the amount of fruit, grain, or fiber produced by the plants.

Primary Crops Affected

Tobacco, cotton, corn, soybean and pigeon pea.


Eliminates Resistance
Safer for the Environment
Safer for Humans & Pets
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