Integrated control of two tortricid (Lepidoptera) pests in apple orchards with sex pheromones and insecticides.

Category : SPLAT


The apple is attacked by a signi cant number of insect pests in Brazilian commercial orchards, including Bonagota salubricola and Grapholita molesta (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). Sexual disruption of B. salubricola and G. molesta was evaluated in apple orchard using the owable pheromone formulations, SPLAT Grafo+Bona (SG+B), SPLAT Attract and Kill Grafo+Bona (SAKG+B), and compared with the standard insecticides used for management in the Integrated Apple Production (IAP) system. Both formulations were applied at a rate of 1kg/ha on October 10, 2005 and December 13, 2005 using 300 and 1000 point sources/ha of SG+B and SAKG+B, respectively in experimental units of 7 ha. Adult male captures of B. salubricola and G. molesta were evaluated weekly in Delta traps with speci c synthetic sex pheromone from October 10, 2005 to February 14, 2006. Damage to fruits was evaluated on November 21 and December 21, 2005, and January 25 and February 14, 2006. In the SPLAT treated experimental units a signi cant reduction was observed in the number of B. salubricola and G. molesta males caught in Delta traps compared to the experimental unit IAP. Damage by B. salubricola at harvest ranged from 1.63 to 4.75% with no differences between treatments, while damage by G. molesta was near zero in all experimental units. Mating disruption using SG+B and SAKG+B was suf cient to control B. salubricola and G. molesta with results equivalent to IAP guidelines. This tech- nology is promising for management of both pests in Brazilian apple orchards with immediate reduction of 43% in the number of insecticide applications.