Repel Mountain Pine Beetles from Healthy Trees

SPLAT VERB uses an anti-aggregation pheromone to repel mountain pine beetles from healthy trees. Note: if tree is already infested, we cannot guarantee the eradication of the MPB within the tree.

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Pests Targeted

Scientific Name
Dendroctonus ponderosa

Common Name
Moutain Pine Beetle

Pest Description

Adult mountain pine beetles (MPB) burrow into trees and lay eggs into the bark, enabling the larvae to infest and destroy the tree. The mountain pine beetle is also a vector for blue stain fungus, which, combined with larval feeding, blocks water and nutrient transport within the tree.

Primary Crops Affected

Ponderosa pine, whitebark pine, lodgepole pine, Scotch pine, jack pine, and limber pine trees.


Eliminates Resistance
Safer for the Environment
Safer for Humans & Pets
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