Mating Disruption Control for the Tomato Leafminer

SPLAT TUTA overstimulates males with a sex pheromone to disrupt the mating cycle, deterring males from mating with female moths. To provide the best results we recommend you monitor your populations of Tuta absoluta. Use when populations are dense to help deter mating activity.

Pests Targeted

Scientific Name
Tuta absoluta

Common Name
Tomato Leafminer

Pest Description

Tuta absoluta is a very harmful leaf mining moth that is primarily found in tomato plants, though it has also been recorded in eggplants, sweet peppers and potatoes. Primary concern is the larval stages, when larvae damage the plant’s foliage as well as the fruit. The larvae only attacks the green fruit.

Primary Crops Affected

Solonacaeae family (tomato, potato, eggplant, peppers).


Eliminates Resistance
Safer for the Environment
Safer for Humans & Pets
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