Control Solution for Mosquitos & Larvae

SPLAT BAC is a product under development that targets pregnant females and larvae, making larval habitats unproductive. SPLAT BAC protects and slowly releases a natural larvicide together with attractants and feeding stimulants that lasts for months in the field. SPLAT BAC induces pregnant females to preferentially lay their eggs in treated areas, reducing the need to cover every breeding site for effective control.

Pests Targeted

Scientific Name
Culicidae family

Common Name

Pest Description

Mosquitos are vectors of many harmful diseases that may be transmitted to humans and animals if bitten. Diseases mosquitos have been known to carry and transmit include Zika, malaria, West Nile virus, elephantiasis, dengue fever and yellow fever.

Areas Affected

Mosquitos may live in almost any type of area, but favor warm, humid environments. They are especially prevalent in forests, marshes, tall grass, ponds and other wetland habitats. Mosquitos prefer to breed in stagnant water.

SPLAT BAC Benefits

Eliminates Resistance
Safer for the Environment
Safer for Humans & Pets
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