ISCA partner in India recognized as an international food hero

Arjula Reddy, Ph.D.

Arjula R. Reddy, Ph.D., one of ISCA, Inc.’s key business partners, has been recognized as a global “food hero” for his contributions to agricultural science, the global plant science federation CropLife International has announced.

Dr. Reddy is the Board Chairman of ATGC Biotech Pvt. Ltd., which is based in Hyderabad, India, and manufactures pheromones and other semiochemicals for ISCA’s environmentally friendly insect controls.

The award stems from Dr. Reddy’s many contributions to science, including his work on various regulatory committees in India to create a science-based process for getting powerful new technologies to India’s farmers to increase yields for more abundant food supplies, according to CropLife’s website.

Dr. Reddy, who grew up on a traditional family farm in rural India, was instrumental in shepherding through India’s regulatory system an insect-resistant eggplant variety, which increased farmer profits and helped reduce pesticide use in India and Bangladesh.

CropLife International is a global federation based in Brussels that represents the plant science industry. It supports a network of regional and national associations in nearly 80 countries to bring modern agricultural tools and technologies to farmers who feed the world’s growing population.