ISCA Offers Safe Pine Protection Innovations Developed in Canada

ISCA now has three products to control devastating bark beetles. Photo by David Danelski, ISCA Technologies

ISCA Technologies is now manufacturing two great, eco-friendly products to manage and control the bark beetles that kill pine and spruce trees that had been developed by Contech Enterprises of Delta, Canada.

We are marketing these products under their original names: Pine Beetle Repellent Verbenone Pouch and Douglas-Fir and Spruce Beetle Repellent MCH Bubble Cap.

These products deploy beetle pheromones that essentially trick beetles into believing that treated trees are already colonized, and thus too crowded for newcomers.

We are selling these products directly and through our forestry product distributors: Horizon Companies (Forestry Distributing) and Dataweb Inc. in the United States, and Solida Inc. in Canada.

Earlier this year, ISCA acquired from Scotts Miracle-Gro intellectual property created by Contech, which earlier went by the name Pherotech, and the rights to sell products the company had developed. The two bark beetle controls are just two of many safe, non-toxic pest technologies that Contech had developed during nearly three decades of intense research done in collaboration with scientists of numerous academic institutions and government agencies.

ISCA is continuing to market SPLAT Verb, an economical, safe, organic control product for the mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae.