Vector Control: Reduce Mosquito & Tick Populations with Green Solutions

ISCA has developed a green Attract & Kill line of products for vector management that is long-lasting, effective, and dramatically reduces the use of insecticides.
Mosquitoes, biting flies, black flies, ticks and others may carry and transmit diseases to humans—a concern to governments, businesses and individuals alike. They are not only vectors of disease, but also a nuisance that reduce access to the outdoors, regional house values, tourism, and even other economic activities.

Mosquitos, the most commonly known vector, are one of the deadliest pests alive and can transmit diseases like Zika, malaria, West Nile fever, Chikungunya and more. Ticks are also of concern. In addition to transmitting the debilitating Lyme disease parasite, there is an ever growing global threat from novel tick-borne diseases.

The ISCA Approach to Integrated Vector Management (IVM)

Rather than “carpet bombing” entire areas with conventional broad spectrum pesticides, ISCA’s IVM technologies combine the power of semiochemical attraction with the lethal effect of tiny amounts of insecticide to attract vectors to contact or feed on the formulation. This allows us to use far less insecticide per area and to be highly efficient in killing vectors without affecting humans, pets, wildlife or non-target insects.

Why Choose ISCA's IVM Solutions Over Traditional Pesticides?

Safety High exposure to toxins Little to no exposure to toxins, virtually non-toxic
Residue High residue - “Carpet bomb” all breeding & resting sites Low residue - Contacts < 1% of target area
Approach Chasing after pests Making pests come to bait
Resistance High risk of resistance Low risk of resistance
Environmental Footprint High risk to humans, pets & water systems Low risk to humans, pets & water systems
Efficacy Short field life Long field life
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Integrated Pest Management for Sustainable Agriculture

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